The Thinking Other Woman

What you should know BEFORE your affair.

One morning, I woke up from a dream
                                 and drew these pages about what had happened

There's a cover page, with names redacted. After that, there is a drawing of the relationship triangle, also with names redacted. I am the female on the left, the husband is in the middle (bottom of the triangle), and the wife is on the right. Pages three and four continue with me on the left, him in the middle, and her on the right. Last page is self-explanatory.

If you want to read these and can't, message me. I can always redo them and repost them.

These pages pretty much sum up everything I have learned about this relationship triangle, all three people in it, and the possible outcomes as forecasted both by astrology and all relationship and codependency resources I have consulted.

(I should do a bibliography page, come to think of it...)