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MARS IS COMING. (Oh, and I figured out what's wrong with the blog. NOW it's actually legible again!)

Posted by The Thinking Other Woman on August 8, 2020 at 7:30 PM
It's sort of been a creepy summer. 

I have been getting card readings and card readings and card readings
telling me to expect to hear from A Certain Person. Whether I do them
myself, or I'm watching a video from my favorite card reader online 
(check out Nu Mindframe on YouTube ... she's fantastic. I first found 
her because she had a channel where she talked about psychological 
issues in a way that made them SO understandable and SO relatable, I 
thought she was a therapist! Turns out she isn't, she just has a bachelors 
in psychology, but she is so down to earth she gives even Jerry the Wise 
a run for his money. Then she started a tarot channel, and, well, I had to 
watch that, too.)

Of course, I know from my long perusal of all our transits years ago that
we're about reaching the end of affair transits for a while. We've had a pile,
starting in October 2017, as I reported on the Yods tab, and running from 
there all the way through the end of this year. But for ages and ages the tarot
was saying, Nahhh. Sorry, babe, this guy is GONE.

Um, not any more.

At first I believed I was just sad I'd never see him again and that's why the
 cards were agreeing with this transit arc that predicts an affair resurgence, 
with me being painfully DUMPED at the end of the year again just like I was
when this all started. You CAN affect what cards you get ... sometimes they 
just show you what you expect to see. But good grief. For a couple of years 
there I had hoped and hoped to see tarot readings that presaged some sort of 
hope and NEVER got any, and now that I'm going, OK, this guy is gone for 
good. I can just move on with my life, none of that crap is ever going to happen, 
I can't do or see any reading that doesn't inform me to the contrary.

I mean, Someone you haven't seen in a long time wants another chance with you,
and, This person's done some personal growth, they know they messed up, 
they're afraid of what you think of them now and they're afraid to contact you 
but they're going to anyway, and, This person is just stuck in a state of low energy
they don't know how to pull themselves out of, and they remember that you made
them feel better, and They want to make some changes but don't fall for this yet,
they're not quiiiite ready for it ...

I'm sorry, but ...


How IS this, when I said no in October 2017 and NONE of the 2018-2019 affair transits came true??

But the ONE THING I DID NOT DO was go back and look at the astrology. I mean: Why do that? I'd pored over that endlessly and to be quite frank, I was sort of tired of it.

And THAT was why I DID NOT NOTICE ... Mars is about to pass over Saturn, which is the apex of my yod, AND Chi's boomerang.

Is THIS why I'm getting all these warnings now? However, as we've seen, you can have ALL kinds of bells and whistles going off in your transits, and ... nothing happens. Then again, I look ahead in her transits (I mean far ahead, like five years plus, and I see very little disagreement about something. Something Very Big.)

Doesn't mean it happens. The great American astrologer Robert Hand tells a story of reading a client's chart one year and seeing transits that looked distinctly terrible ... poverty, drug use, misery. When he contacted the client, he was bracing himself to hear that horrible things had happened. And, what a shock! The client said, "No, I had a great year! I really enjoyed my career and I made a million dollars!"

Turns out she had been playing Judy Garland all year in a high-profile stage production.

So, Big Bad Transits, even when they look uniformly awful, don't have to be lived that way (even when the person in question has been cruisin' for a bruisin' for some forty years now.) So, fuck knows what's actually going on here. I start a card reading going, "NO fucking way I'm ever going to see this guy again. This guy is gone, gone, gone!" and the cards, the astrology, everything, says, "No, he's not, honey!"

In any case, events now will make it clear WTF is really going on, and how to interpret all that murky astrology for the past two years.

Possible outcomes:

1.) Nothing. In that case, I had the choice to take up the affair again, I turned it down, and that was that. All those affair transits, 2018-now, are only markers for what would have happened if I had just not been able to let him go and sunk my teeth in and hung on. I have the choice in this instance to be forlorn and suffer, and have a miserable 2021 (forecasted ALL OVER THE FUCKING PLACE), or I can recognise that somebody who isn't coming back for whatever reason is somebody I don't want anyhow and just concentrate on other things and GTF over it.


2.) The Prodigal Affair Partner indeed shows up. This would make me correct when I made a bet back in 2017: "Seems like I can roll the dice and take a chance on doing the right thing ... I'm going to see the guy again no matter what I do, so might as well take the high road." In that case, the affair transits 2018-2019 were reflective of what would have happened if I had said yes back in October 2017, and this last spate of affair transits is reflective of what I had hoped back then: Even if I said no then, I still get him back now anyway.

These transits were so tangled up with one another it was impossible for me to tell whether the 2020's were just the coda to the 2018-2019's, or a separate entity all to themselves that was going to occur regardless. Here's where we find out! If 2.) is indeed the case, I can now add:

2a.) I end up devastated again, because I Fall For It Again and He's Not Ready, and

2b.) I steer nicely around that one, because I've looked at the astrology, the tarot cards, and the psychology involved here. He's not ready. I already know that. My job is to get in, teach a quick lesson about codependency ("Dude, you fell down on the job. Get well now, please,") and get OUT.

Which I can do happily, because all the other evidence here is that I have other things in my life that are going to start turning around and looking up soon, and ...

Um ...

Due to a certain person having extreme difficulty learning her lesson ... I end up with him AGAIN anyway!


I have been wondering what the real story was with these three-year groupings of affair transits for something like FOUR YEARS.

One way or another, The Mystery Will Be Solved ... and I will have learned quite a lot about how to interpret transits in a chart. And: If you see something big coming up in multiple transits, how much can you really trust that it's going to happen?

One thing here that's very interesting. The cards were having a fit about this around the beginning of this year, and there were a few interesting hits that could have presaged this. And then ... covid 19 hit, and the timing suggested by my Fairy Ring spreads changed.

To Now. The date Mars conjunct Saturn becomes exact is August 20th. However, we know a certain person tends to drag his feet (all the way to the END of October 2017, not the beginning), and the influence is said to be active all the way to the end of the year.

Right when I was forecasted to get dumped.

Neat, huh?

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