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IT HAPPENED. I Will Never Doubt Astrology Again.

Posted by The Thinking Other Woman on August 29, 2020 at 4:25 AM
Well. I was beginning to doubt very seriously that I would ever 
write this, but ...


Or, at least, he's lurking in a way I can definitely see it's him.

If you scroll down the blogs, you will see where in March I had a frequent visitor here who was apparently
too close to where this guy lives for comfort. But, with the visitor tracker on here, people can be ahywhere. 
When I send my therapist a link to something I've written and she visits, she shows up MILES from where 
she actually is. If I visit from the coffee shop, my location shows three miles from the coffee shop. I have 
two visitors I'm in contact with who show up right where they tell me they live. But when I log in and type 
this blog, say, from home ... "home" shows up as being at San Francisco Honda in fucking San Francisco, 
when I live on the East Coast! (WTF?)

I mostly quit posting on Medium. They won't curate me. I had one article that made $300, and everything 
else bombed. It was terribly depressing, and not worth the time anymore. But I do read on there, and I 
comment frequently. I'm following the election (who isn't?) and I've learned a lot from the articles on there. 
I have 1000 followers on there just from commenting on articles. (You don't get paid for those.) I post many 
Medium articles on Facebook (and get attacked by many conservatives for what I choose to post. I have to 
thank these people for the many arguments we get into ... it's really contributed to the novel I'm working 

But ... you can see who follows you and who claps on anything you write. He has a profile on there,
which you can definitely tell is him. I won't say how, but there is NO doubt who it is. I have been 
watching that profile for a while, and it has remained inactive.

Until yesterday. Yesterday, Chi's profile came to life, and he did one thing. Clap on a comment I made a
couple of days ago. Where I can see him.

What are the odds that the only thing he's going to do on Medium is clap on something I wrote? In the
month of August, right when I was told to expect this person?

It's contact, when I was told to expect it. Therefore, I AM NOT CRAZY.

(For which I'm grateful. I was beginning to wonder.).

I did hit "follow" and follow him, so when he logs on again, he'll see he has one follower. I post under
"A. Nonymous," but it is my photo. He'll see it's me. Not the least because my Decision Making 101 article 
and some others are right there for anyone to find. With minimal trouble, he'll be able to see that: a.) It's 
definitely me, and b.) Exactly what my thought process is about all this and why. (Since my mysterious 
visitor from his neighborhood hasn't been here since my March post on the subject.)

Now. Having said that:

Just because this small signal happened, doesn't mean anything else does. I'm quite clear after all this study 
that my control over this is precisely zero-zero-zero. He's going to do what he's going to do, whatever that 
is. Could be precisely zero-zero-zero.
But I know, from four long years of studying the astrology and almost as long studying cards, what 
Whatever Mystic Forces There Are In The Universe are betting happens next. And I think I'm getting 
excellent advice.

So ... Is this it? Will There Be Any More??

Tune in next ... well, I don't know when. But I do know when our most crucial Mars-Saturn dates are. Scroll
down the blogs if you want to know.

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