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Posted by The Thinking Other Woman on September 19, 2020 at 7:15 PM

As so often happens, I went on YouTube and the first suggested video related to a question on my mind:

Should you wait for this person or not?

The card pile I picked said:

You have a fantasy of this person that's not the reality of this person. (Yeah ... I figured that out already.) And the reason you have it is you don't have faith in yourself to be able to put the things in your life that you need, and you're trying to rely on this person to do that for you. But the fact is you really can do everything you need for yourself, and you need to just put this relationship down for a while while you work on being everything you need for yourself instead of being aggrieved that others are not providing it for you. Maybe once you get something accomplished for yourself, you can go back to the relationship, but not now.

Yep. Look at our transits ... same story.

Apparently I AM supposed to be able to achieve something by myself.

Sure doesn't look like it from here.

I had to think, though. Who doesn't think they can be, do, or have anything at all without some bigger, stronger person they look up to? A little child, that's who. Who else is lost without Mommy or Daddy and if those caretaking figures are gone, sinks into utter despair? A little child. A tiny, tiny girl who's helpless to do anything for herself.

Yeah, growing out of codependency and ACOA needs to be done here, but he isn't the only person who needs to learn how to grow up. 


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