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Posted by The Thinking Other Woman on December 6, 2020 at 11:55 AM

So, it's taken me longer to finish posting this tutorial than I thought. The reason is I have to    do my continuing ed for license renewal online this year and it takes so much longer to do it that way! (You can rewind it when you didn't get something.)

Just for shits and grins, I flipped through another random online set of cards this morning.


A "creative process" spread, said to provide insight into a project or creative undertaking.

Creative force behind the project: The Fool.

Imagination: The Heirophant.

Emotion: The Three of Cups, reversed.

Thought: Seven of Cups.

Manifestation: Queen of Cups, reversed.

May I just say: This Reading Sucks.

I HOPE it's about this stupid novel. (I expect that to bomb, anyway.) If so, what it says is I'm starting off on a new journey, full of happier expectations and listening to my instincts, but I'm not seeing it realistically and it ends up very disappointing.

Nice try.
For one thing, look at all the cups. Emotions are involved, and probably a relationship.

If I look at this as being about the relationship that ended, cards one and two are the same. We certainly did start off down the road with high hopes. And we were listening to our instincts to start with. 

That Emotion card: When you look this up and read what many tarot professionals say about it, it's usually written up as The. Classic. Affair. Card. Right side up, it's a happy gathering with friends. upside down it's, "Three's a crowd." It can be about feeling out of place with others in a social situation, but most readers write that it turns up in a third-party love situation. 

Seven of Cups: Seeing the possibilities unrealistically.

Manifestation: Man, you don't want this one. The only card more codependent than this one is the King of Cups reversed. Blecch!!

Of course, you know after this batch I had to peek at some others and they were just as terrifying as this batch. But, I'm going to carry on with the initial readings, which I didn't finish.

One Wonders:

If the fucking relationship is already over and done for good, why do I get cards like this?? I'm thinking:

1.) I'm looking at the other timeline; the one that would have happened if I'd hung on to him three years ago

2.) It's showing me what already happened. "You asked about this relationship that ended three years ago; well, it's over and there's nothing else to say about it." Seems like you would get definite ending cards like Five of Cups, Ten of Swords, the Death card, Three of Swords ... something like that. Ten of Wands upside down ... "Honey, you're beating a dead horse. Let it go." Tarot has plenty of cards with which to convey this message.

3.) Or ... gulp! It really is in the future.

*Damn. I just finished Tutorial #4 and ... *blip*! It disappeared into cyberspace when I hit "publish." Gone, gone, gone. I got part of it back, but now I have to redo it all over again. GRR.


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