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Tarot Tutorial 5

Posted by The Thinking Other Woman on December 6, 2020 at 2:25 PM

Now you see how tarot can be useful. After a reading like that one, a history like this, and astrology like what I see in this situation: Even if the guy did turn up and things LOOKED and SOUNDED good, there is no way I'd bite. This reading is saying: Be warned. Don't get burned (again.)

Now, here's the really funny part: My reading, which I actually did first.

Reading One: Me.


A Two Paths spread.



Outcome One: Five of Swords

The Five of Swords is NOT a happy card. In it, two people are walking away dejected and angry after one person has taken all the swords. It suggests that someone has made an unfair win or gotten a victory dishonorably. Two people are walking away the losers, and they aren't happy. It implies the losers may even want revenge at a later date. But who am I, the winner or the losers?



Outcome Two: Nine of Wands reversed.

This card right side up reflects that things have been tough, and you're going to have to fight hard to get to your goal. You are marshaling strength for the effort. Reversed, something is going wrong with this. You're doing this in a bad way somehow: Either continuing in a fight where you're just on the wrong side and you don't want to admit it and give it the hell up, you fought the battle and, like Donald Trump, you're grousing because you're a sore loser, you won but it's been really awful and maybe not worth it, or the whole thing's all in your head and you just aren't seeing reality. This card talks about the need to retreat from the battleground, going forward in life with only the things that serve you, instead of continuing to battle on and on. The card can be telling you that you are waiting on some future event that will never arrive. Or, you may be looking at a partner who whines a lot but never moves on from their issues, someone using you as a crutch.

Not a nice card to see, eh? Basically, this card is saying, It ain't worth it. Give it up, it ain't never going to happen! 



Leading to Outcome One: The Devil.

Ah, the Devil. In the Devil card, two people are chained to a devil--something unhealthy, a drug habit, a sick relationship, an eating disorder, a gambling addiction--something not good for them. The chains around their necks are loose enough that they could lift them off and choose to escape rather easily if they so desired. The Devil can indicate a codependent relationship, or maybe an affair. You're a slave to something bad and you're going to pay for it. Oh, it would be so much better to see the Devil reversed here!



Leading to Outcome Two: Ten of Wands reversed.

The Ten of Wands reversed turns up when a situation is so tough and overwhelming that it really is necessary to let something go. It often means, "You're beating a dead horse. give the fuck up already!" You've taken on too much and you can't achieve what you thought you would, and now you realize that. You could be taken advantage of by someone. You're breaking your back for no reward. It's time to let a dream go because it hasn't worked out even though you did all you could.

Here's the interesting part: 



The critical factor that decides what will come to pass: Two of Wands reversed.

The Two of Wands upright talks about travel, motion, making a decision whether to move on or stay with what you are used to. It tends to be positive in that you decide on the side of moving on. This is the card of sudden, unexpected departures, where a person has suddenly decided that something doesn't suit them and quits a job or moves out of the house and files for divorce without warning.

Reversed, this is NOT happening. You decide, regretfully, that even though you would like to leave, you can't for some reason and must stay. The classic card, actually, for what Chi did three years ago, which is stay in an unfulfilling relationship because of friction from society and other people. You want to move on from an unfulfilling situation but you just don't have the guts.

HOWEVER, since the upright is the card of unexpected departure, the reversal CAN mean: An unexpected arrival. It is one of those cards for: The sudden return of an ex-partner.

Now, how the hell are you going to interpret THAT?? It's interesting, because the two arms above this card sort of cover both scenarios.

Arm One: He does show up. That's the Devil. An illicit relationship we're addicted to, and we decide to stay in it. The card above that, Outcome One, shows a dishonorable win with bad consequences. Need to stay away from that one.

Arm Two: I see that I can just put this away now, probably because he hasn't shown up. If the reversed Two of Wands is him going, No, I'm really going to stay put for good, this is the arm I get. I'm beating a dead horse and have to give up for good, and the outcome card for that arm talks about more of the same. It's also a card with the message that you've really been beaten to shit in a relationship and are left with a lot of negative attitudes as a result.

So, basically, there's just no good outcome here. If he doesn't show up, that's the end of that, and based on past history and the amount of time that's elapsed, that's what I'm anticipating. If he does, that Devil and that outcome with bad repercussions is going to be tough to steer around.

Do I think this is good advice? Yep. 



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