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Astrology and Personal Breakthroughs (however small) Part One

Posted by The Thinking Other Woman on December 26, 2020 at 7:30 AM

The one saving grace in trying to use astrology to post-mortem a relationship is: You learn a lot about astrology.

So, I never heard from this person again. The relationship is dead; gone; I'll never, EVER, see this guy again. The last time I saw him was on Medium as I have described. I can't tell if he's reading any of my pieces on there, but I imagine not, as you can only read five without paying to join and he hasn't paid to join.

The riddle I was trying to solve: If we never see each other again, HOW THE HELL does Rory get ALL THESE BREAKUP TRANSITS I see for her past 2023???

OK, she has a slim chance still at reviving and fixing that marriage, but the transits for it are, like, one or two. Against tons and tons and tons and TONS of bad, BAD news that's carried on all through this and gets worse and WORSE after about the second half of 2023. I have to tell you, I do not want to be this woman and live through the ones she's going to get from 2024 on. Especially at her age. This is bad enough at age 25, but age 67???

Which is why, had the guy come back, I would have had to steer clear and give them every chance. I mean, sheesh. If she's going to wreck it, let her wreck it on her own. I don't need that on my conscience, and she does, in fact, appear perfectly capable of wrecking it on her own.

YET, the question: If we never get back together, how the hell does she get left?? Because the timing of the next time I was to see him and the timing of his leaving a relationship and the timing of her getting all this awful stuff coincide. Otherwise, I'd think it was a fourth chart coming in that I don't know about.

Here's where I learned something:

I thought: Maybe I have the wrong birth time for her. So I did some testing on the chart and realized:  IT DOESN'T MATTER. She gets all but one or two of the same transits anyway, and the one or two actually are very close to the same thing.

But, in doing this, I used a transit grid you can get for free on and compared it to a Liz Greene yearly transit report I had bought for her, and in so doing ...

I figured out how those reports are generated!!!

I had wondered THAT for ages!!

NOW, I know how to put one together for anyone for any year, for free!!!

It's simple:

The reports leave out the "personal planets," because those FLY around the zodiac and those transits only last a few days or so. They also leave out nodes and vertex, which is SAD, because I'd love to see how Liz The Great interprets those.

(I also found her astrology school online. I could actually take courses there and get their degree. But it's EXPENSIVE. More expensive than NCGR's, which I really think I'd rather take, because it's the American school of astrology and it also offers a research certification, which the London Faculty school does not. If I got a certification, I'd want it to be as a research astrologer, because I would be doing it to publish research on love triangles as I am doing here.)

So, after you take out the personal planets and the nodes and vertex, you take every transiting planet left, from Jupiter on, and pick the strongest two or three transits each one is making until you have about 18. You make up the rest of the field by looking at the progressions and picking up the strongest of those, about seven, especially if any echo the transits you've just selected. (Because, for something to happen, we know it's more likely if you have both a transit and a progression for it, And you won't get it if it's not in your natal.) Then you interpret those, and presto! You have your year. These are based on how Liz Greene actually does hers, and I have so many of hers and Robert Hand's transit interpretations I could probably put one of these together for free myself and get the same thing they do. (I'll have to do 2022 and then purchase it and test myself.)

I also figured out why these things are so goddamned depressing. Outer planets are goddamned depressing. Jupiter is the one happy one. Saturn, Neptune, Pluto, Uranus ... all of these tend to reflect shitty events. Even when you get a good aspect, you're looking at a lot of change and hard work. All the happier planets--the Sun, Moon, Venus ... those are the ones that are FLYING through the zodiac and those transits are going to be fleeting and not affecting your entire year. The outer planets are describing your journey through life and the trials and problems you are going to have. So, right there, you're in for something depressing. With any luck, they'll at least be good aspects and not shitty ones. 

I hate to say it, but out of the three of us, she has The. Shittiest. Outer. Planet. Transits. from about age 65 on. There are one or two bright spots ... but they aren't relationship ones particularly, and there are only two of them. Christ Jesus. You don't want an old age that looks like this. Especially in 2027, she has four Chiron ones that are just

And, ya know? I can see her heading right for them, in the choices she made back in 2016, where she could have really listened and really improved her marriage ... but she didn't.

When you do a whole life reading like this, you can see how bad choices you make now play out down the line ... at least if you have an event with at least one timeline that is VERY clear, the way we did in 2015.


Because Mars just went past the yods, and I haven't heard from him. WE'RE NOT FUCKING TOGETHER. (Literally as well as figuratively.) So, how the fuck???

Interestingly enough, the cards led me to look at February. Why do I have a bright spot in February in the middle of an otherwise shitty year? In February, our Davison gets hits on its Saturn from the Sun (US), Mercury (communication), Venus (duh!), and Jupiter all at the same time, together with transiting nodal squares to the same planets, AND both Saturn and Jupiter sextile and trine the relationship natal nodes.

Interesting. No doubt if you're reading this, you've noticed the spate of articles about Saturn and Jupiter that came out around the 21st. Usually Saturn just sucks. If I had only the hits of the Sun, Mercury, and Venus, I'd have to say, Well, that's NO communication, NO love, and NO relationship. But Jupiter is there. An annoying preponderance of astrologers seem to believe the presence of Jupiter on Saturn turns prospects much more rosy. (I'll believe it when I see it.)

Nodal squares. A lot of people say these amount to precisely nothing. But we've got
four of them. Together with three big Vertex hits, one of those involving nodes. Fate, fate, fate.

Is this where we reconnect anyway even though I turned down the relationship in 2017?

Heh. Astrology can footnote anything it wants, but nothing can stand against genuine inertia.

However, their Davison has a PILE of BAD conjunctions occurring at the same time. Like, ELEVEN OF THEM. They also have Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter hits on the Davison Sun at the same time, but the rest of these ... Saturn, Pluto, and a PILE of fucking Chiron ... UGH. And FIFTEEN conjunctions in one chart at the SAME time??? THAT kind of shit is BIG.

Hmm ... wonder if it varies with the wife's birth time? *goes to check*

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