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When You Foil Your Most Likely Outcome

Posted by The Thinking Other Woman on February 20, 2021 at 2:00 PM

I’ll never forget the first time I lined up the transits for me, The Guy, and The Guy’s wife and looked at all of them together and digested them.


I thought: Oh, my God.


I’m this guy’s second wife!



Which made the first time I looked at him and got this strange feeling: We’re going to be married someday make a lot more sense.


Astrologer Aria Gmitter gives the following advice: Never date anyone you have a yod with. Which sounds very prudent, given what’s happened in the intervening years.


(Although … I don’t have a yod with this guy in the sense that one planet makes a yod out of someone else’s two planets. We have interlocking yods that form each other’s boomerangs. Does that count?)


I have to say, though, that over the years, I have made a study of all the transits affecting each person over a three-decade period. I used to think I saw only one timeline.

Now, I actually think I see four.



I jotted the transit meanings down before I had studied a lot of astrology, and I was trying to shorten them so the main themes fit on 1/3 of a page. So, I put down the meanings but I didn’t waste space writing in the aspect names. I could go back and do that now, but it would be a lot of work! If I wanted to make a formal astrology article out of this, I’d need to do that, though.



I probably will do that one day. This is my first attempt at organizing my thoughts to start making a second article on the subject. (The first one is" target="_blank">here.) (Sorry about that. This thing will NOT format a link properly.)


The most obvious outcome of our relationship is the one I wrote about there: The one where he runs off, he slinks back in 2017 … and I can’t live without him, am scared of losing him again, grab him by the neck, and start trying to convince him to leave his wife again. This time I’m more successful, we get caught, he leaves … and his family bludgeons him back in again, and I’m hideously, painfully dumped sometime last year.



There was still a strong possibility of getting him back again in 2023, but the experience would have scarred him so badly we wouldn’t have a hope of having anything healthy.

I mean, think about it. If a person is so selfish and so needy she takes over another person’s thinking and decision-making at the (re)start of an affair in 2017 … what’s the likelihood she’ll relinquish it in 2024?

Not great. So how is a person supposed to start thinking for himself, being honest, and make all those great strides in personal development in 2024 and later if they’re with this domineering person? Only if the domineering person wakes up and stops being domineering, that’s how. And it’s unlikely somebody domineering will ever do that, if being domineering has gotten them all they wanted from the beginning of the relationship right up until yesterday. Right??

Luckily I saw that and figured all that out way back when … which was why I said no when he slunk back in 2017. If you really love someone, you want to help them, not hurt them. And, at the time we were speaking again over three years ago, I was literally afraid I wouldn’t be able to stop myself if we started seeing each other socially at that time.

So, it looks like I lost him forever in so doing.

Okay. Maybe it’s for the best.

However … in revisiting those pages I wrote (I was looking for career transits this time), something new has whacked me between the eyes ...

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