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A Timeline Theory of Astrology

Posted by The Thinking Other Woman on February 20, 2021 at 3:30 PM

I noticed this when I saw that some transits I had previously seen for right now that presaged trouble are talking as if it’s an ongoing relationship.

But I don’t have a relationship. And I haven’t had one in six years. So WTF are these talking about??

Remember once upon a time when, back in 2015-2016, the relationship started, and I saw all these wonderful relationship-beginning transits there that predicted a few really good years?? And then they just petered out. And my interpretation of that then was: Well, he decided not to have the relationship and went back to his wife, so these just didn’t happen.

Well, one thing I’m discovering is that when a relationship is going well, your transits sort of shut up about it. Transits are there to tell you when important things happen, and warn you when things are about to go bad. If something is going well for you, you don’t have a transit there telling you all the time, “Things are great, things are great, things are great.” (Usually.)


You could have maybe one, but the great majority of your transit bandwidth is trying to guide you through the difficult stuff, and that’s why you have more tough planets than good ones and more planetary aspects are difficult than good.


I mean, you don’t need help when things are good, right?

So, if he’d left his wife for me then and we’d started down that road, the transits shut up for a while. “You’re going to have a good few years.”

But … now here’s all these transits talking about a relationship IN PROGRESS that’s going sour. Now, there’s bad news. I can only conclude that this is the sequela to what would have happened if we’d stayed together in 2015.


And I can kind of see that. If we’d gotten together then, here I was this poor widowed person, and he would have been raked over the coals in his family for divorcing. We’d have been realllly codependent and leaned on each other for a while. But, because it “looked” like it “was working,” I would have been happy enough to write this Disney princess sort of novel that might have had legs, and when I felt better I would have resented having someone so emotionally dependent on me.

And that’s sort of what it’s saying. “You changed but he didn’t.” “You want to concentrate on other things and this person is taking it too personally.” “You feel like you want things in relationship that you shouldn’t want or you have to choose between career and relationship.”

People make fun of astrology because so many times astrologers go back and affirm things retroactively. “Oh, Princess Diana died, so NOW we can go back in her chart and see this, this, and this.” Well, here’s one reason. Until I got here, I wouldn’t know I wasn’t in a relationship now, and I couldn’t hook these transits up to the last opportunity for a relationship that I did have.

Unfortunate, but true.

Looking at it this way, I guess it’s a damned good thing we didn’t go ahead then, because this timeline sucks. It. Does. Not. End. Well.

We were too sick when it started.

Which, incidentally, makes me think of a line in a relationship reading I purchased way back then: “This will look like it’s true before it is. Make sure it really is before you proceed as if it is.”

But. I said four timelines.

TBC ...

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