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The Two That Are Left.

Posted by The Thinking Other Woman on February 20, 2021 at 3:35 PM

So, I've posted these two timelines I saw: (No, none of them are Friends episodes)

The one where we got together in 2015, stayed together, and now it's falling apart

The one where he ran off in 2015, slunk back in 2017, and I agreed to see him socially so I could manipulate him away from Wife again. Ended in a horrible dump in 2020.

The ones I think I see that are left:

Yes, Husband and Wife can still pull it out. There's a slender thread where the rubber meets the road in 2023 and they stay together and look much happier. I get a string of "Things are good professionally, but you're alone in your life," transits moving forward from 2022 on, so this could definitely be the case.

And, the last one: The rubber meets the road in 2023 and they don't stay together. In this case, he and I still have "Happy new relationship" transits from 2024 on. Please note: These don't have to be with each other. But, if they split up, they could be.

Also note: She has a JILLION bad break up transits coming in 2023-2024. Even if I never see this guy again, she needs to look out! Her breakup transits LOUDLY shout down her one or two "Happy, stay-together" transits. LOUDLY. 

It's UGLY.

Also note: We still have bad relationship challenge transits even after this point. Even if we got together this is NO indiciation of smooth sailing.

Lots of work is required of either relationship.

"The Family That Applies Itself In Therapy Together, Stays Together."

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