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Shorthand, for those who can read tarot.

Posted by The Thinking Other Woman on May 16, 2021 at 9:30 AM

Spread One: Me:

This is a Celtic Cross spread.

Central issue: The Devil. Obstacle in the way: Knight of Wands. Goal: The Hanged Man. Foundation: The Moon. Passing Influence: Queen of Swords. Approaching influence: Hierophant reversed. Your role: The World. Environment: King of Pentacles. Hope, fear, unexpected element: Hermit reversed. Outcome: High priestess, reversed.

Chi: Death, reversed.

Rory: Celtic Cross again.

Central issue: Seven of Cups. Obstacle: Seven of swords. Goal: Ten of Swords. Foundation: Judgment. Passing influence: High priestess. Approaching influence: The lovers, reversed. Your role: Page of pentacles, reversed. Environment: Ace of Pentacles. Unexpected element: The Fool. Outcome: Ten of Cups, reversed.

Me and Chi:

Cross and Triangle spread:

Prime energy: King of Pentacles. Thought: Hermit reversed. Motivation: Knight of Pentacles. Emotions: Magician, reversed. Position in life: Queen of wands, reversed. First opposing force: Page of swords, reversed. Second opposing force: Temperance, reversed. Force resolving the conflict between the two: The Tower. Final outcome: Knight of Wands, reversed.

Chi and Rory:

Creative process spread.

Creative force: King of Wands. Imagination: Page of Wands. Emotion: King of Pentacles reversed. Thought: King of Cups, reversed. Manifestation: Page of Cups.


Me and Chi: King of Pentacles reversed

Chi and Rory: Seven of wands.

Relationship spreads:

Me and Chi: How I see myself: Eight of Cups. How I see partner: Queen of cups. How I feel about partner: Ten of Swords. (No kidding.) Standing between me and partner: Queen of Wands. How partner sees me: Knight of Cups. How partner feels about me: Ten of Wands, reversed. Present status/challenge of relationship: Justice reversed.

Chi and Rory: How ? sees ?: Empress. How ? sees partner: Six of swords reversed. How ? feels about partner: Page of pentacles. Standing between partners: Knight of Pentacles, reversed. How ? sees partner: Five of cups. How ? feels about partner: Three of wands, reversed. Present status/challenge of relationship: Two of pentacles, reversed.

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