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Posted by The Thinking Other Woman on June 5, 2021 at 1:20 PM


Hagall Spread.

Central Issue: Eight of Swords (I quite agree.)

Something I did to bring the situation about: Page of Cups. (no shit)

My beliefs, impressions, or expectations: Hierophant, reversed. (maybe not.)

Most likely outcome: six of Swords

Things I've Learned: The Emperor

Spiritual Tasks and Challenges: Reversed seven of swords (no surprise there.)

Metamorphosis of the situation: The Empress

Person or qualities that will sustain your spiritual journey: Two of Cups (news to me.)

Qualities I express in this circumstance: Ten of Swords (sounds about right.)

Revealing spiritual knowlegde: Ace of Swords. (again, news to me.)

Opinion: Yep. The Ten of Swords is right. The rest of it? Ehhh. Maybe I'll have an idea for a new novel.

I doubt it, though.


Page of Pentacles, reversed. (is THAT ever appropriate!)

Rory: Twisting Path. (I hate this spread, it never makes sense.)

Decision One: The Magician.

Path that may lead you astray: Queen of Wands.

Second decision: Queen of Pentacles

Path that may lead you astray: Six of Wands.

Possible destination: Two of Cups reversed. 

Me and Chi: A relationship spread.

How I see myself: Seven of Pentacles. (They could have reversed that and it would be MUCH more accurate.)

How I see him: Temperance reversed.

How I feel about him: Four of Wands reversed. Yep.

Standing between us (keeping us apart): The Empress.

How he sees me: Two of Cups. (I have yet to see any evidence of THAT.)

How he feels about me: Ace of Swords. (In what world?)

Present status or challenge: The Devil. (No shit.)

Chi and Rory: Creative Process spread.

Force behind project: Ten of Pentacles.

Imagination: Knight of Pentacles.

Emotion: the Empress reversed.

Thought: Page of Cups

Manifestation: Nine of Cups. 

I imagine this is a lot more likely than our spread!

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