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Posted by The Thinking Other Woman on October 8, 2021 at 4:50 AM

This will be short, because I'm supposed to be asleep.

Since I posted the new message on Resources You Are Looking For and Will My XXXXXXX Area Visitor Please Stand Up, SOMEone has come directly to those postings (I can't even find them without using the search function on here!), seen the heading, and, once again, scat like light. He didn't even read the whole message. BUT, he HAS come back to look at it again, for like zero seconds, and this time he gave himself away for sure because he apparently did it from home and GA recorded his location, which was where I expected it to be.

I changed the heading to one that sounds a little more friendly.

But, you have to know: THIS WAS PREDICTED.

In my own readings, and in astrology and other's readings, it's been said: I was going to hear from this person before Halloween, in some way I would be unhappy about and find unsatisfactory.

I can't stop laughing over this. IT'S FUCKING HAPPENED!!!!

The interesting prediction is that, if this happens, then in about nine months I will hear from him again, in a way I will be much happier with.

Jesus. That's long enough to have a fucking BABY. But, I remember a phrase from the report on our Davison chart I bought so long ago on "The gift of this relationship is the experience that invisible ties can hold two people together." I just also make sure I remember the next line: "However, any attempt to force this relationship into a socially acceptable corset will end badly."

The other gift in this relationship is that, since I've done ALL the reading I've done: I KNOW WHY.

I guess we'll see if any more happens or not ...

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