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I have NO idea whether this is true or not, but ...

Posted by The Thinking Other Woman on November 13, 2021 at 5:40 PM


As anyone who reads here knows, I've gotten into occultism.

It's anyone's guess whether this is accurate on an objective basis, but I've found enough wisdom in it that I'm taking it under advisement. Especially when I'm given to understand something over and over again, I'm going to pay it special attention.

Hearing messages that way has proven to be true often enough.

So, the message I'm getting lately: A certain person keeps waffling around. He wants to make contact, then loses resolve. Usually because he's distracting himself with something else. (Um, it wouldn't be the first time I've heard that. Specifically, from him.)

This person, I'm told, is leaving it up to divine intervention whether we'll ever see each other again. We'll run into each other, he thinks, and then I'll know we really were meant to speak again.

So, if you're reading this, is this you?

This has been an interesting revelation for several reasons:

1.) I have actually attempted to make this happen, as I've written here. But, it never did.

2.) It certainly has been helpful in how I interpret a horoscope with yods. Apparently, a TON of leeway in terms of personal choice is involved. Getting together was indeed fated, but after that ... it's all up to US.

3.) And I believe there's a reason for that.

If you ever show up here and read this: Dude.

What has your whole life ever BEEN about???

You giving in and going along and, in your own words, ACQUIESCING to other people, amiright??

And why was that??

Because you didn't think you were good enough/didn't think you were lovable enough/didn't think anybody would ever want you, so the only way you could ever have anyone in your life was to make sure THEY were happy all the time. Right? RIGHT??

So, that was what you did.

I mean, let's look at the cases I myself know about.

WHO decided what your career was going to be? WHO took charge of all your money? WHO decided where your son was going to go to school? WHO decided how the house was going to be kept? WHO decided what your sex life was going to be like? WHO decided who was going to do the majority of the household chores?

And, if I had to guess, when I wondered things like who picked out the house you live in or decided how it was going to be designed or where it was going to be ...

I mean, come on, dude. Amiright or amiright???

And, all those years we knew each other "before," um, HOW do I remember you feeling about this???

My deduction regarding all the RESENTMENT I perceived from you about this state of affairs:

(and you can correct me if I'm wrong)

These things were not trivial matters.

These things pretty much decided the WHOLE DAMN COURSE of your WHOLE DAMN LIFE.

And WHO decided every single little damn thing???

SOMEONE ELSE, another person, i.e., N-O-T  Y-O-U.

But who then had to live with the consequences?? YOU.

Which, hopefully, would impress upon one a certain important lesson:

It's never a good idea to trade your own happiness for someone else's good opinion. Especially when you are using their good opinion of you to substitute for your own good opinion of you, which you never developed.

So, why isn't the Universe stepping in to decide for you whether or not we will ever see each other or speak again???

Because the idea, my friend, is for YOU to exercise caution while making up YOUR OWN MIND in SOME large capacity in your life,


And, I gotta say, you're cutting it a little close, here. Do you think you will be able to do this once dementia sets in? When you are peeing in your Depends in your wheelchair in front of the TV in the nursing home? Or, perhaps, when your own child is staring with concern out the window as YOU attempt to rake leaves?

Yes, yes, yes!

For ONCE in your life, BEFORE YOU DIE, YOU are to decide what YOU want and DO SOMETHING to make it happen.

THAT is why I have not been able to impact this, even though I've tried, and why I refuse to make contact with you myself (as well as other good reasons I have already mentioned on this blog and which I believe you have already read.)

YOU are being given leeway.

YOU are being given choice.

YOU are actually supposed to SELF-DETERMINE.

So, don't expect chance to somehow throw us back together. The ball, happily or not, is in YOUR court.

Perhaps part of that is to cause you to notice how, even though you LONG for the ball to be IN your court and you LONG to have agency in your life ... once you get it ... you really aren't that comfortable with it, are you?

Is it easier to hand responsibility over to other people and then resent when you aren't happy later?

Or are you just worried that no one will love you any more if you do the right thing for yourself?

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