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I Keep Getting This Message, So I'm Going To Post This

Posted by The Thinking Other Woman on November 17, 2021 at 10:30 AM

No point saying what the message is that I keep getting, but because of it, I have to post this message to you:

NO, you didn't ruin this, my life, or anything like that. Simultaneously ...

NO, we're not going to run into each other.

NO, the universe is not going to fix this by divine intervention. (For more details, see the post that follows.)

To be perfectly clear:

Your last words to me were, "I intend to stay married." That means I MAY NOT APPROACH YOU, THEREFORE I WILL NOT. I approached a married man ONE time. I simply can't do it again. Especially when I always follow your last instructions to me, and those were: "I intend to stay married."

If anybody speaks here, it has to be you.

And I'm giving up on you, and time is running out. We're 53 and 63. We're old people now.

            How many more tomorrows are you willing to waste?

*P.S. Why would I write this if I didn't still care???

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