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Will my xxxxxxxxxxxxxx-area visitor please stand up?

Posted by The Thinking Other Woman on March 17, 2020 at 12:35 AM
For the longest time someone from this area has visited this website quite a bit. The website localizes the visits to someplace on xxxxxxx Road; however, when I visit from someplace not home, the website shows me about three miles away from where I actually posted from. "xxxxxxx Road" visitor: If you're an astrology fan, I'd love to know what you got from this website that you visit all the time. Can I help you with anything? Let's talk. (As I said, I'm thinking of starting a mailing list, so sign up!) And if this spot on xxxxxxx Road, north of Pxxxxxxxxxx Lake, is actually about three miles EAST of where you actually live, I see you. Hello. I hope you're OK. Happy St. Patty's Day. Happy first day of spring. As you can see, you're missed. Take care of yourself. **EDIT: The thought occurs that anyone could Google this and figure out, possibly, who I'm referring to. I really didn't want to "out" this person, hence the reason I'm posting this website anonymously. So, once I log on and see that the visitor in question has been back and clicked on the blog, I will go back and redact location information on this post.

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