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Tarot Tutorial 4

Posted by The Thinking Other Woman on December 4, 2020 at 11:20 PM

Now we're getting into the nitty-gritty here ...

The Husband. My ex: Chi.


Reading Two: Chi.


A Cross and Triangle. (The Cross and Triangle spits out a few thoughts about something in your life and then tells you which way it's likely to go.)



Prine energy in his life: Knight of Pentacles reversed.

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! Remember when we talked about the Kinght of Pentacles right side up? All that move-forward, can-do energy? Well, reversed, this guy CAN'T do. The reversed Knight of Pentacles is stuck in the mud. (Pretty funny considering all else we know about this, right?) This guy isn't working very hard for some reason. In some cases, his work may be all done, but, um, considering the history here, I doubt that very seriously. He may be taking too long to do something. (Ya THINK?) Or, he's just unmotivated and stuck. I'm betting on that last one. 

Of course, the bad thing about reversals is they can mean two totally opposite things, which in the love and romance department can be, for this card, a guy who's unavailable, or a guy who's about to cheat.

This is why I hate reversed tarot cards.



Process of thought: Nine of Swords reversed.

Right side up, the Nine of Swords shows a person bolting up in bed, terribly upset after having a nightmare. It reflects that a person is preoccupied with worry and emotional upset about things in their life.

Again, this is a place where reversals can be maddeningly difficult to read. Reversed, the situation is either way, way worse, where the individual is in the middle of his worst nightmare, or way, way better, where he has found a way out of his troubles and is breathing much easier now. Hmm. 


Motivation: The Hermit reversed.

The Hermit right side up is isolating himself in a good way. He's deep in study or contemplation, or just taking a break from the world. In any case, his isolation is positive.

Reversed, the isolation is a bad thing for some reason. The Hermit feels like an outcast, or he is the one shunning others. Or, he's very lonely in his isolation. (Wouldn't surprise me; it's been that way almost twenty years!) Also, the Hermit may be ready to leave the isolation for this reason. A murky card that's difficult to interpret. (At least it isn't as bad as that knight.)



Emotions: Eight of Wands.

The Eight of Wands indicates that something active is about to happen suddenly, or the person is contemplating a sudden, energetic move. (Finally, a card that isn't ambigious!)



Position in life: Four of cups.

This card portrays a person sitting preoccupied under a tree, looking at three cups in front of him while a hand mysteriously appears in the air in front of him, holding out a fourth cup. This person ignores the new cup to stare moodily at the three he already has.


 This card suggests that a person feels depleted somehow and unhappy with what he has, but lacks the energy or motivation to look around and notice any gifts that might be on offer in his life. For whatever reason, he's not going to get up from under that tree right now and take the new cup. It will always be there, and he might in the future, but not now.

Um, if you're that new cup, and the tarot is giving you this kind of message about somebody you're involved with, it would be wise to listen. This guy's not ready to move on with you. Ignore this message and you will get your heart broken.


One of two opposing forces: Five of Cups reversed.

In the Five of Cups, a figure stands in black, looking sadly down at three broken cups in front of him. He does not see two intack cups behind him. The card is about mourning something that is irretrievably gone.

If you get the card reversed, you are no longer mourning something that is irretrievably gone ... usually. (Reversals can mean the issue is even worse ... so you could be even more stuck in mourning something that is irretrievably gone.)

But, if not, and you are no longer mourning the thing: You could have gotten over it and gone on with your life. Or, you are no longer mourning it because you went back and fixed it, therefore you no longer need to mourn losing it. This is the classic card for getting over a broken relationship, or the death of someone close.  



Second of two opposing forces: Three of Cups. (Hmm … I thought these were supposed to be OPPOSING forces!)

The Three of Cups depicts three dancing woman, holding up cups of wine. Usually it reflects a happy time spent in the company of many people, but it can also reflect this kind of mood in a relationship.



Resolving the conflict between the forces: Six of Cups.

The Six of Cups talks about going back to an earlier time in your life to be nurtured. The classic case is of a young person who's been fired from a job, or evicted, or broken up with a spouse, and goes back home to the folks for a while to be watched over and mothered until they've picked up the pieces and are ready to head back out into the world again. It can reflect an older person going into a nursing home to be cared for in this way, or possibly the adult child caregiver who now has to take care of the parent in this way.

The card reflects that you are thinking about the past, looking at the past with rose-colored glasses, or issues surrounding the reading are being influenced by something in the past. You could be living in the past or feeling nostalgic for the past. You could actually return to some person or place of the past to be nurtured in some way. It CAN be that you are hankering after an old love, or an old flame or relationship turns up in some way, probably causing problems in the present.   



Final outcome unless you change course: The Lovers, reversed.

That interpretation is definitely suggested by this card. Here, a relationship isn't going well or has broken up. Or, if it's together and it's happy, it's seen as illicit by society and the couple is getting ostracized due to social disapproval. Some relationship here is upside down in some way.

This spread has a strong slant toward the future. It's unlikely to be recalling a past event. This whole spread is generally chosen because we are asking about events in the now.

C'mon. Why do I keep getting this crap? Death Card, Ten of Swords, Three of Swords, where are you?

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