The Thinking Other Woman

What you should know BEFORE your affair.

3.) Anything passing by transit or progression over the apex of the yod reflects a time in the life when circumstances cause the issues described by the yod to come to the forefront in the life. 

First of all, we should look at the Uranus transit that meant so much when it passed over my Saturn and opped Chi's Sun conjunct Neptune.

That Uranus transit ended up opposing Rory's Neptune in House Four. And, remember that in astrology Uranus represents that impulse that says, "I gotta be me," and it serves to break up old established patterns because they're stifling you. You need to branch out in some way. No, it isn't over the apex of her yod, but it sure does provide a poignant comment on what was going on in that time period.


(Ahem. Still don't believe in astrology?)

So, what was going over the apex of Rory's yod in this time frame? Chiron, the asteroid that talks about a childhood wounding you experienced for purposes of growth. (Hmm … I wonder why?) It's also worth noting that her north node opposed her MC, the apex of her yod, also during this time frame. The north node is an indicator of things you meant to come into this life to master. In her natal chart, Rory's north node lies in House 6, often interpreted to mean the person originally intended in this incarnation to achieve better functioning in daily life in some way.

How do you like them apples?

Which brings me to wonder: WTF was Chiron doing in Chi's and my charts over the same time frame?

Chi: Well, guess what? Chiron passed RIGHT over Chi's Descendant during this time. (Which you would know if you've been paying attention. That is: right over her MC + his DC, i.e., their marriage.)

And MY chart?

Well, I'm having my Chiron return during all of this. (A "return" in astrology means a planet is coming back to the same position it was in when you were born.) The Chiron return is significant because it reflects a time, at approximately age fifty, when you are supposed to be badly wounded in a way similar to something that happened in childhood. If the light goes on and you understand why and successfully resolve the wound, you can go on to help others with the same wound. 

If you don't get the lesson and achieve the healing you needed to do, you repeat the same scenario with a new person and get it in the neck again.

In my case, I was behaving with Chi a lot like I did with my sick BPD mom: Depending on him to care for me like a child (notice any repeating themes here?), thinking that if my love could heal him, then I'd finally be cared for the way I needed my parents to take care of me when I was little.

Sounds kind of like what Rory must have been doing when they met, right? Because at that time, both Chi's alcoholic parent died and also his best friend.

I don't believe in astrology … astrology is all hogwash

So what about Postulate Number Four? Does it work in this chart??