The Thinking Other Woman

What you should know BEFORE your affair.

3.) Transits passing over the apex of the yod describe events that affect the issues described by the yod.

This bit will be shorter, because I have limited information. During the time Uranus went retrograde and came within three degrees of my natal Saturn again, ending in February 2019, I have no information from Chi about what was going on in his life, since we haven't spoken since October of 2017. So I can't tell you anything about that period.

As I have written, from June 2016-March 2018, Uranus was sitting over my natal Saturn -- the apex of my yod. That means it was directly opposite the apex of his yod, his Sun conjunct Neptune. And, as I said, this does form a boomerang.

And the boomerang represents a solution to the problem described by the yod.

Remember, as you read the last page in this series (coming up next), that in astrology Uranus represents that impulse that says, "I gotta be me," and it serves to break up old established patterns because they're stifling you. You need to branch out in some way.

What I know about this period in Chi's life was that he was in marriage counseling with Rory and it wasn't going so well. She really didn't want to apply herself there (and, sad to say, neither did either of the therapists in this picture, in my humble opinion).

So, Uranus opposing Chi's Sun + Nep conjunction was saying, "I gotta be me," and asking him to break out of an old established pattern he had in his life.

Now, WHAT was that "established pattern" in his life that needed breaking up, because Chi needs to be himself??

Stay tuned, because Part Four will answer that.