The Thinking Other Woman

What you should know BEFORE your affair.

So, as an illustration, let's go through my own yod and see how what I've posted about it applies to my character, my relationship, and a huge issue of my own autonomy in life. If I had to draw a Bowen family systems diagram ... well, I don't have to draw one, because my natal horoscope chart here has already done it for me. And I'm about to prove it.

As I've written in the umbrella article about yods
(please take a look at that now, if you missed it):

1.) The yod appears to be a description of a problem, issue, or conundrum in the life. The two sextile planets seem to want to do something, but the apex planet reflects something that keeps getting in the way. (Every astrologer says this much.)

    The stuff in my chart that wants to cooperate: Uranus, in sign Virgo, House 1. Neptune, in sign Scorpio, House 3. (See the little numbers on the chart wheel. These identify the houses the planets appear within.)

    Many read Uranus as the entity that breaks up old stuff in order to establish new stuff, because you were getting old and stale in your life and you really needed it. 

    Hm. Could go that way. I grew up in a very emotionally unhealthy family, with a BPD mom who constantly implied that if only other people acted differently, then she could feel better, and maybe then she’d be a good mom who cared about who I was instead of a self-centered mom who had BPD rages and splitting on the daily. I grew up with my personhood in a status of service to my BPD mom, trying to caretake her, baby her, and agree with her all the time so she could feel better and then maybe she would act better. 

    BUT…Uranus also has a strong independent streak. My reading of Uranus always includes the phrase: “I gotta be me.” 

    Nep three: Problems with communication. Prone to miscommunicate, prone to misunderstand. Prone to miscommunicate, prone to misunderstand. Prone to receiving information from sources other than the five senses. Remembering impressions rather than details. Missing the fine print in favor of the general impression. Interest in information of an esoteric or spiritual nature. Seeing only what you want to see. Oh, and, um: Expressing oneself through writing, singing, or teaching, especially with much imagination. In Scorpio: Intensely and extremely. Looking for the naked truth. Seeing things you wish you didn’t, digging up the deep secrets, tenaciously and obsessively. Making breakthroughs; distilling penetrating psychological truths. Solving mysteries. Death, sex, and other raw experiences.

    And these two are shaking hands, saying, “Heyyy, we get along! I want to help you out!”

    I have wanted to be a successful writer my whole life, and due to the experiences with crazy momma at home, I write about BPD, affairs, relationship, and emotional problems. With the naked, unvarnished truth, and the intent to create something helpful to those struggling with these kinds of experiences. Sounds like what my yod might be about, right? Becoming successful in a writing career?

    So there’s “I gotta be me,” in the house of me and the sign of service, wanting to research and write about these issues imaginatively. There’s the bottom of my yod.

    But, ohhhh! Both these things are inconjunct Saturn! Saturn Is Standing In The Way. (Booga! Booga! Booga!)

    On to Number 2, the bit about the boomerang.